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Movement during pregnancy

Moms to be we all know or have read about the things we shouldn't do or eat while pregnant, but if you are like me I was a little nervous to exercise during my first pregnancy. So here are some easy tips to follow if you are wanting to exercise throughout your pregnancy. First, don't start working out super intensely unless you weren't doing that before. However, I do encourage you to get movement in daily. *Unless you are instructed by your birth provider to not.

A good goal is 30 minutes of movement per day. Movement can be walking, yoga, swimming, strength training, etc. Movement is so important to keep your body strong. As your as your pregnancy progresses you will be happy you started moving early. As you reach your third trimester you may need to modify your movement choice. No matter what trimester you are in always listen to your body modify or shorten the time as needed. 

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