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Pregnancy and Diet

I don't know about you but during my pregnancy food was a challenge. Especially, during the first trimester. I would have loved to have eaten a well balanced diet like I usually did, however nothing sounded good and if it didn't sound good then it was going to make me sick. During the first trimester eat what you can. Try to get calories in every day and drink as much water as you can tolerate. Once the nausea and other first trimester symptoms disappear then focus on the nutrition content of what you are eating. Mostly, you are growing a human so be easy on yourself and do the best you can. If ice cream for dinner sounds good then have ice cream for dinner :)

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  • "I started going to Midwest several months ago. I do strength training, and am also a mom of 2 toddler boys, so my body gets "out of whack" regularly. Dr. Jen has been amazing at targeting my problem areas and reducing pain specifically in my lower back, hip and shoulder. It has become routine for me to go now, and I look forward to every visit!"
    Lindsay B. / Eden Prairie, MN

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