Giving birth is a wonderful, beautiful and rewarding experience, however birth is also very exhausting and traumatic experience for the mother's body. During pregnancy as well as labor and delivery the mother's body goes through a lot of changes. The muscles, ligaments, and joints get pulled and stretched to make room for the baby. These all get stretched more during the delivery. Seeking care following birth will aid the the recovery of joints, muscles and ligaments by ensuring they are balanced and tightening to your new normal. 

Once you get into your new routine many moms experience upper back pain and headaches due to "mom posture." There is a lot of forward posture that happens being a new mom. Whether it is nursing/feeding, rocking, carrying, or lifting the baby these all put extra stress on moms body while it is still recovering from giving birth. This can lead to upper back/neck pain or headaches. 


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I often get asked by moms-to-be  “How soon after I give birth can I get adjusted?”  Chiropractic care are an important part of postpartum care, and can be utilized at any point after giving birth. We generally tell moms to come in as soon as they feel comfortable leaving the house.

Dr. Jenny is certified in Birthfit. Birthfit is a movement focused on pregnant and postpartum moms taking charge of their bodies, choices in care, and healing. It is built upon the four pillars of fitness, nutrition, connection, and mindset. Dr. Jenny has specific training in all four pillars and is passionate about helping women through the motherhood transition. Dr. Jenny works with postpartum moms to find their new "normal"  She performs gentle adjustments to the pelvis and spine to ensure everything is balanced then adds exercises to help regain stability through out the pelvic floor, core and spinal muscles using DNS (dynamic neuro-muscular stability) progression exercises. 

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  • "I started going to Midwest several months ago. I do strength training, and am also a mom of 2 toddler boys, so my body gets "out of whack" regularly. Dr. Jen has been amazing at targeting my problem areas and reducing pain specifically in my lower back, hip and shoulder. It has become routine for me to go now, and I look forward to every visit!"
    Lindsay B. / Eden Prairie, MN

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